Why Silent Pods are Essential for Your Office

A firm favourite in Alberts interiors, found at both 1 Albert St and soon at the Formery, are phone booths. A cacoon away from the cacophony, they are fully soundproofed and perfectly designed for focus time and phone calls. With many of our spaces responsive to the new way of working by offering collaborative corners – The Commons and the Club Lounge for example, it’s important not to lose out on solo working and focus time. No team collaborates for the full 8-9 hours of the work day, and these booths are the perfect solution to your anxiety over productivity.

Whilst these booths are offered in certain spaces in our buildings, we also offer them as part of the Bespoke Suite design process, with Yealands Wine securing their own for their open plan office at 1 Albert Street.

Sharedspace look at the positives of these simple yet incredibly effective additions to your working space with several fantastic examples – link here to full article.

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