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Meet our Partners | Kevin Pichot Fitness All Together

Alberts is thrilled to be collaborating with fitness community and facilitators, Fitness All Together (FAT), on a meditation and breathwork series as part of our wellness events for members. The series been developed to teach essential meditation and breathwork techniques that train your brain to find presence.

We recently sat down with Kevin Pichot, Director of FAT, to learn all about his journey with FAT and what Alberts Members can expect from our series.

Alberts: Tell us about to journey to running FAT? Any big milestones or challenges?

Kevin: What a journey it has been! It all began in 2020, right in the middle of the COVID  pandemic and the first lockdown — quite wild, I must say! 

I would consider some of my biggest milestones to be gathering 90 people willing to join us on a Friday morning, collaborating with New Balance to inspire others to start their running journey, and enjoying a simple coffee with the community after class on Saturdays. Life is pretty cool! 

As for challenges, there have been many, but each one has been an opportunity to learn and grow, so I would certainly include them in my list of milestones.

A: This series is designed to bring about presence in amongst the business of the working day, what are some ways you maintain presence daily in amongst the busyness of running a business?

K: A regular and diverse approach to physical activity is important to me. Whether it’s a fast 20-minute run with upbeat music blasting in my ears, playing tennis with a friend in the middle of the afternoon, or going for a cold morning swim, I always make it a priority to find time for exercise.

Additionally, I strive to practice mindfulness and presence as much as possible. Live the moment as much and often as I can.

A: Do you have any big plans on the cards for FAT this year?

K: Always! 

A: We are excited to introduce our Alberts members to the FAT community, what are some other ways our members can get involved with FAT and where can they find you? 

K: If you enjoy moving outdoors in an inclusive environment and being surrounded by like-minded people (who could also be your colleagues), then follow us on Instagram or visit our website. We have something special in store for you.


If you are interested in coming along to our series with FAT, find out more and book here.

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