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Meet our Partners | Rochelle Marreiros Seed Cycle Blend

Alberts is thrilled to be collaborating with Seed Cycle Blend to informing everyone on the incredible potential of balanced female hormones and cyclical living.

Alberts recently hosted a seminar in collaboration with Seed Cycle Blend which has been developed to educate on the complexity of female biology and its effect on how females work and behave in the workplace.

We recently sat down with Rochelle Marrerios, Founder of Seed Cycle Blend, to learn all about her wellness and business journey.

Alberts: For those who are not familiar with Seed Cycle Blend, can you please give us a bit of an introduction to what your company does?

Rochelle: Seed Cycle Blend is New Zealand’s first and only seed cycling brand. Seed cycling is a naturopathic protocol where you rotate between two separate seed blends throughout the menstrual cycle. Seed cycling naturally promotes hormone balance and reduces uncomfortable symptoms like cramps, PMS, mood swings, and more. But more than a product, we are a brand that advocates for menstrual health and awareness in all facets of life – work, sports, and relationships. We currently provide talks empowering corporations to develop menstruation and menstrual health support and help to improve the well-being for a large portion of their staff.

Alberts: Tell us about your journey to running Seed Cycle Blend? Any milestones or challenges?

Rochelle: I suffered my whole menstruating life with debilitating cramps. It impacted my work, my relationships and my wellbeing. I tried every painkiller and device on the market with no lasting results. Until I asked the question “What causes my menstrual symptoms?” This led me to study nutrition, which revealed hormone imbalance as the root cause. In my studies I stumbled on the seed cycling protocol – a natural way to balance hormones. I tried it for a few months and sure enough my cramps and mood swings disappeared. From that point, my life changed and seed cycling became a permanent daily ritual.

I’m a Graphic Designer by trade and realised I could make a read-to-use seed cycling product. I designed everything from the brand and website to the packaging. It has been challenging to set up, fund and run a business on my own. But the feedback from women who are pain-free and empowered by their cycle make every late night worth it.

A huge milestone in the last year is having a clinical trial of seed cycling substantiate the effectiveness of our product, getting Doctor approved in the United States and expanding our dispatch to Canada.

Alberts: What is a common issue you hear about women facing in the workplace when it comes to their bodies?

Rochelle: Around 80% of women experience menstrual symptoms at work and around 70% of these women feel their symptoms impact their experience at work. But more interestingly 50% of them will hide this from their employer for fear of being seen as ‘weak’ or unable to effectively do her job. There are a few issues here.

1.  A lot of women don’t realise that they can reduce most of their menstrual symptoms by addressing their hormones (and stress).
2.  The myth that menstrual symptoms make women weak or unable to do their job effectively can be debunked by this simple fact. Women have been dealing with these symptoms for decades in silence. What that means is not only are they incredibly strong for powering through their work with debilitating symptoms but they still get all of their work done, smash their targets and lead like a boss without anyone knowing. The issue is, the longer we ignore the need for menstrual health support – the more likely our talented working women will burnout and leave their professions. This is what I educate on.

Alberts: What inspired you to start your business?

Rochelle: My own menstrual pain and curiosity sparked the creation of Seed Cycle Blend as a solution for my own symptoms. But my passion to educate on women’s health and our incredible potential when we tap into our physiology is what drives me every day.

Alberts: We understand that this is a subject not discussed enough in the workplace. As in how our bodies are affected by, and integral to, our work lives. How can society balance and help one another when needed?

Rochelle: Attend one of my cycles in the workplace workshops, educate yourself around what the menstrual cycle actually is and how it impacts women. Help to break down stigma around menstrual health by keeping an open mind and open communication. Encourage leaders and policy makers to develop a supportive framework where everyone thrives.

Alberts: Do you have any big plans on the table for Seed Cycle Blend this year?

Rochelle: I’m excited to be launching a world first Seed Cycling Tracker App in June and I’m looking forward to providing more menstrual health talks in workplaces. I’m also at the beginning stages of expanding Seed Cycle Blend – so anyone who may be interested in being part of this, please reach out info@seedcycleblend.

Alberts: Where can Albert members find Seed Cycle Blend and learn more about you?

Rochelle: We are active most weeks on Instagram @seedcycleblend or visit our website seedcycleblend.co.nz


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