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Welcome to Autumn – A guide on keeping healthy

Autumn has officially arrived and, with it, the start of cold and flu season. Aucklanders are looking at the numbers and feel like we’re moving past the peak of Omicron very soon, so let’s not let seasonal sickness knock us down right when we’re getting that freedom back!

Not only keeping healthy and staving off winter flu, but also avoiding the temptation to hibernate is important.

We’ve put together some top tips for keeping happy and healthy as the nights draw in and the air cools down.

Cut back on your screen time

Taking breaks from your computer, cell phone, or TV screen is so important for giving your mind and eyes a break, especially with darker mornings and evenings. Whether that means cutting down your hours of Netflix binge-watching or setting your phone on Do Not Disturb from the time you fall asleep to the time you wake up — simple measures like these all amount to necessary rest and time for yourself.

Keep busy

The cold months can seem to drag on and push us into hibernation. Stay on track by scheduling time in your day to do active things, try to cook a nice meal with friends or family and avoid being horizontal for most of the weekend – you’ll feel better for it!

Schedule your annual checkups

Without the pull of Summer social events and trips to the beach, winter is a great time to check in with your doctor and keep tabs on your health. This can include checking blood work, cholesterol and cancer screenings (see our Alberts Members discount on full MoleMap body scans here). And don’t forget to check in with your dentists and eye doctors as well, health is wealth!

Get your flu shot

Self-explanatory! Alberts is setting up flu shot bookings at 1 Alberts Street on May 12th, look out for our next EDM with the link to book your team in.

Rise and shine at the same time

As the sun goes down earlier, it can throw off your natural circadian rhythm. Try to maintain a sleep schedule of at least seven hours and keep your normal bedtime and waking hours the same as the rest of the year.

Drink a lot of H20

As it gets colder, your body can lose as much fluid as it might in hot climates due to the high rates of energy used in colder climates. Thanks to heavier clothing, you’ll still sweat every day. An appropriate water intake will also keep your skin supple, which can be a problem as the weather gets drier.

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