The end of jetlag as NZ opens up to the world?

After over two gruelling years, NZ is finally open to non-residents and non-citizens, which means a shiny new workforce is on its way to support our struggling industries. This also means big news for re-forming international relationships and increasing trade between New Zealand and the rest of the world. Throughout the pandemic, NZ has been the poster boy for how to do lockdown right, regardless of domestic frustrations, with our international brand coming out on top.

With all these positives looking to propel our local economy to new heights, comes the bugbear of any NZ business traveller – jet lag. Even with the flashiest Emirates 1st class ticket, there’s no buying your way out of jetlag… but now there may be a way to sidestep it with an app.

The app that uses rocket science to fight jetlag

Timeshifters is an app that creates a bespoke plan of small actions, which include caffeine consumption, specifically timed rest and light exposure, that you carry out at tailored times to ensure minimum jetlag effects. Using practices common with space travel and a circadian rhythm understanding at its core, this app will shave days of jetlag hangover off your trip. Magic.

The algorithm behind the app has helped astronauts manage travelling the world to keep up with their non-stop training schedule. This same algorithm was used by Formula 1 racing drivers and Olympic athletes so they can perform at their best when travelling. Now, that algorithm has been further enhanced and made available to everyone through the Timeshifter app.

This article provides all the science you need, and we’re pretty convinced. 

An astronaut without a station?

You’ve done everything you can on the flight over to keep jetlag at bay, but let’s say your flight lands before 2pm, way before hotel check-in opens, and you want to shower, rest and maybe even your Timeshifter schedule is telling you to avoid light – where on earth do you go? Maybe you have an 8-hour daytime stopover before your next flight, do you really want to sit in the airport cafe nursing a cold cup of tea?

Luckily for our CEO he found Dayuse, a hotel booking platform that allows you to book rooms just for the day or a few hours so that you can get refreshed and get started on your jetlag elimination strategy. 

The moon landing, in style

Lastly, you’re in a new town for meetings and you’re used to the comfort and convenience of Alberts but have no idea where to look for the same experience. Luckily we have aligned with a members club platform which allows our members to visit any of our partner clubs across the globe. You will be treated as a local member, able to enjoy all the perks, meeting spaces, bars and restaurants without a hiccup. Sprawling across all continents, we have selected a key number of members clubs in major cities and regions to ensure that you are cared for with Alberts level standards, wherever you go.

There you have it – reduce your jetlag, freshen up in a day room and have your meetings at an exclusive members club – a breezy way to do business travel, lets book those tickets.


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