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Sarah Bailey of Graham Consulting – Our journey to an Alberts workspace

Graham Consulting recently moved into Alberts. We caught up with their Associate Director Sarah Bailey to find out why they chose to make the move to Alberts and what perks they are now enjoying as a result.

1. How did you hear about Alberts?
We were introduced to Alberts by Will Read at Barfoot & Thompson. We came in with Will and met with Kylie from Alberts and found the experience so relaxing and enjoyable. We didn’t feel pressured and were able to really see the space for what it was. The vibe was fantastic.

We also saw the view from one of the floors and I just couldn’t get that suite out of my head. The negotiations pretty much started from there.

2. What made the Alberts model appealing to you?
We were first introduced to the idea of shared space several years ago however, we found the offering at Alberts is next level. The location is so close to cafes and hub of the CBD. I’ve always enjoyed not being at my desk all day. Perhaps working from a café or meeting people in a similar setting, so the Alberts model absolutely allows for this.

Our team love coming down to the shared space area to meet with people internally and externally as well. It’s very cool! Tenants are very respectful of each other too. The level of professionalism is very high. From a space perspective, Alberts makes you feel like you are getting everything that a big corporate would get and for a SME that’s awesome!

3. Has the new style of workspace changed your working style?
I think it is going to change my working style especially over time as we get used to the space and new areas open. It really is down to personalities too, some of our team love working in the different spaces and others prefer the structure of being in our office. Having both options available has proven to be ideal for us.

4. Being in recruitment, you must see many candidates regularly. Are they finding it easy to locate your business?
Yes. It is one of the first questions we ask. It is great knowing the Alberts Concierge team have met our candidates and clients, they know their name and can give them a drink and seat them in a comfortable space until we are ready. It definitely helps people relax and means we aren’t rushing to finish what we are doing as we know they are in good hands.

5. What aspects of the shared facilities do you utilise and how well do they fit with your working style?
We use the Commons space regularly and the Library for any quiet work we may do. We also learnt recently of a new space coming on board at another Alberts location called The Pod at 12 Viaduct Harbour Avenue. This space we already plan to book for an offsite meeting as it is connected to Lawn Café and right on the waterfront. Perfect for what we are looking for.

6. What are you most looking forward to with respect the next phase – hospitality and members club, and why?
We have already found existing perks to be very popular with the team. We have utilised the yoga classes, massages and some of the team are planning to head to F45 for some sessions too. We absolutely can’t wait for the Members Club to be finished and the end-of-trip facilities. We will certainly use the Club space for coffee meetings as it gives us another area to collaborate or relax in.

7. What would you say to any prospective SME tenant who was considering Alberts as their new workspace?
As a small business we feel like we are in a bigger environment thanks to the shared space. Everything is well looked after right down to your IT. I am not tech savvy so to have Alberts IT Manager Patrick come and help set us up was a big help.

With Alberts we come in and don’t have to think about ‘stuff’, like all the little things are taken care of. It is so nice to have your drycleaning organised for you and our guests greeted by Concierge. A perk that we weren’t expecting too is that the Concierge team in particular, are like an extension of your business or work family and that is truly a big bonus.

8. Given the current health crisis, how has the Alberts model supported your business?
Alberts is VERY clean, tidy and modern. Everything is so well looked after with the cleaner, who wears a mask I might add, ensuring all areas are spotless. I have full trust that the Alberts team have cleanliness and any Covid ‘measures’ under control.

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