We’re WiredScore Gold!

The Alberts team is excited to announce that our flagship building at 1 Albert Street was recently awarded a WiredScore Gold certification. WiredScore assesses and provides a rating for office buildings based on their in-building digital connectivity and infrastructure. WiredScore Gold confirms 1 Albert provides tenants with access to fiber connectivity as well as a choice of internet service providers to support diverse connections. The infrastructure measures in place will ensure that the connectivity is protected and secure. The building can deliver the connectivity needed for all tenants.

Why is this certification important?

As reliance on technology in the workplace grows, digital connectivity has become increasingly essential to businesses. Working in a WiredScore-certified property ensures that measures have been taken to reduce the risk of connectivity loss and interruption. Simply put, WiredScore certification validates that our building can support your connectivity needs with confidence.

How does WiredScore benefit Alberts tenants?

Protection from internet outages. A building’s physical infrastructure impacts how reliable your connection can be. In fact, 70% of all internet outages are caused by an issue within a building’s infrastructure. WiredScore’s engineers have evaluated the building from top to bottom to ensure there is minimal risk of physical disruption to the digital infrastructure that underpins your business’ connectivity.

Preparation for future technology. WiredScore certification ensures this building can keep pace with digital innovation. Thanks to the WiredScore certification process, building infrastructure is examined to document how easily improvements could be made as your business changes.

For more information about the in-building connectivity and infrastructure features in our building, please reach out to the Alberts property management team – Nick Olsen, [email protected]

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