Mother-Daughter Duo behind London St Art Club

In honour of Mother’s Day, we had the pleasure of chatting with the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind London St Art Club, Summer and Natalie Knight. Read on to learn more about their inspiring story…


  • What made you decide to take over London St Art Club together?
    • Summer: We both love art and we love spending time together. I’ve been teaching art to both adults and children for a few years now, and mum has always been a natural teacher in the way she interacts with the world. Teaching the wonders of expressing one’s creativity is something that we feel equally passionate about. We’ve both experienced the power of learning to express our own, and the liberating therapy that comes with it.
    • Natalie: Art is my passion, as are my kids! So when the opportunity to buy LSAC presented itself to Summer and I, it was a no-brainer! We both particularly love art for well-being so it’s incredibly rewarding taking people through our workshops. I feel humbled and honoured to be able to do this with Summer, she’s an amazing and uniquely talented young person (yes I know I’m biased, but that aside, she just is).


  • What’s your favourite thing about working and running a business together?
    • Summer: Having a business together is a beautiful thing for two reasons; we get to hang out AND we get to create together. She’s one of my best friends, and this only heightens our business relationship.
    • Natalie: That can be summed up in a few words: time spent with Summer, making art, helping others enjoy the playful and very therapeutic side of making art. Doesn’t get better than that in my opinion.


  • What do you think is the greatest strength that the other person brings to LSAC?
    • Summer: Mum’s an excellent accountant by day, and an equally excellent art teacher by night. As numbers are not my thing, it is safe to say I literally could not do this without her. It feels wrong to then leave out her consistently positive and intuitive outlook on all things, she’s unfailingly wise.
    • Natalie: It’s hard to pick just one with Summer… she’s the ‘full package’, she oozes creativity with youthful energy. She’s a highly regarded yoga teacher so she has unique gentle command and maturity in her teaching. She loves people, she’s super fun to be around, and she has an incredible flair with marketing the business on social media… yeah nah, I’m not biased.


  • What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year?
    • Summer: Probably a meeting about the Art Club over a coffee and chai (only joking, but probably not). Maybe a walk together down at the local Te Henga Beach. One thing I can say for certain, flowers and good chocolate will definitely be involved.
    • Natalie: Mother’s Day is one of the few days I don’t have to plan. I just sit (lie) back and let my whanau do all that for me, I’m taked with just soaking it all up… the homemade breakfast in bed, homemade little gifts and cards, hand massages, beach walks and so on… them doing everything for me, all day… heavenly!

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