Every Wednesday from March 6th for six weeks
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Alberts is so excited to be partnering with Fitness All Together (FAT) to bring you a six-week course, sponsored by Ārepa, on meditation and breathwork – no need for activewear.


Join us at 12:15-12:45pm every Wednesday in the Alberts Theatre from 6th March.


Commit to yourself for a six-week course of unpacking what meditation and breath work really are, and what they can be. If you struggle with anxiety, holding your attention, or are just willing to take a quick mental break in your day, join us as we learn essential meditation and breathwork techniques that train your brain to find presence. Discover the fitness of your mind in an accessible and easy-going environment


1. Session One | March 6th:

A general introduction to meditation and an awareness of the breath.


2. Session Two | March 13th:

Understanding the power and presence of the breath and how we can harness it to our advantage in meditation and daily life.


3. Session Three | March 20th:

Building an awareness of bodily sensation and how we can utilise this heightened awareness to relax the body.


4. Session Four | March 27th:

Bringing Breathwork in to help us move in from the outside world and find presence. Focusing on new yet simple Breathwork techniques to find this stillness of mind.


5. Session Five | April 3rd:

An expansion of the previous session. Learning more Breathwork techniques that we can carry with us into meditation and daily life.


6. Session Six | April 10th:

Experiencing Yoga Nidra, a form of deep rest without sleep. 30 minutes is more beneficial for energy replenishment than an hour’s nap.




Come along and try something new! This event is complimentary for Alberts members & $10 for non-members.


To book a ticket if you are not a member of Alberts: click through to the link above and you will be prompted to sign in through entering your contact details, or via Google or Facebook, next select your ticket then proceed to payment details.

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