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An interview with Simon Thomas, of NEC, on his Alberts experience

Simon Thomas of NEC spoke to us about his experience at Alberts at 12 Viaduct Harbour Avenue (12 VHA), and he had some very important information about our pies at Lawn to share…


Tell us how you decided to make the move here to 12 VHA. What is it about this location and space that impressed you and your team?


My colleagues and I came down to check it out before our MD secured the space and we found it to be really clean, the whole area felt pleasant and warm. It is the type of place we could see ourselves hosting customers and creating great impressions.

The space catches good afternoon sun, the room has good lighting; not just natural light but also a warm vibe on gloomy days.


How does it feel to have the Lawn Café and Bar right here?

The team at Lawn are great and very easy to get along with. Each morning I come in around 7.15 to be greeted by Alex, Justine or Tash – there has never been a day when a greeting hasn’t been friendly, welcoming, inviting and chatty. Lawn staff provide a solid, consistent experience.

I also enjoy the access to F45 next door. It’s intense and time well spent – they have nice showers too! Because it’s right here I don’t lose more than an hour and I get a great workout.


Do you have a favourite cabinet treat from Lawn?

Pies – I’m a slave for them! The pastry is perfect, and the ingredients are high quality, you can tell they use great cuts. But I had the crumpets the other day and the bacon jam was so good… game-changer.


Have you used the meeting space The Pod yet or had a game of pool there?

Not yet but for the beginning of a big engagement we would love to use something like this.


How do you like the proximity to the water? 

Fantastic, its great being right next to the water and the lawn itself I really admire. I’ve actually chosen two plants from out there for my own garden. Also, and maybe it’s a guy thing, but I get a great deal of satisfaction watching the lawns getting mowed.


What is it about the build and set up of 12 VHA that you enjoy most?

Our office catches a good amount of afternoon sun, the space itself has good light, making our environment warm and welcoming.


Regarding 12 VHA as a whole, we love the warm light and open vibe. It’s also quite discreet despite being a few crowds within close proximity. Whenever I’ve bought someone here for a one-on-one its always discreet and feels professional.


How have you found the staff at Alberts?

Everyone from the team I come across is always friendly, in fact, I was walking past 1 Albert Street and thought I’d pop in. As soon as I walked in someone said ‘Simon! Let me give you a tour!’ She was super friendly and made sure I saw the whole club set up.


What would you say to any prospective tenant considering an Alberts workspace?

I’ll say what I said to the last prospective tenant: ‘talk to Alberts, it has been such a wonderful experience, I cannot recommend them enough, what a great crowd.


Thanks for your time Simon, great to hear how positive your experience has been so far with Alberts! We’ll organise that pie bribe later on…


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